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AS041164 PI3Kg Inhibitor VII

Catalog # CD0240

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Yellow solid. PROTECT FROM LIGHT. PACKAGED UNDER INERT GAS. Purity: 99% by HPLC. CAS# 6318-41-8. Solubility: DMSO (40 mg/mL). Molecular Formula: C11H7NO4S. Molecular Weight: 249.2.



A cell-permeable thiazolidinedione compound that acts as a potent, ATP-competitive, and isoform-selctive PI3-K inhibitor (g isoform IC50 = 0.07 M, (a isoform IC50 = 0.24 M, (b isoform IC50 = 1.45 M, and (d isoform IC50 = 1.70 M) with little or no activity against a panel of 38 other commonly studied kinases (<20% inhibition at 1.0 M). Exhibits similar pharmacokinetics as LY 294002 via oral administration, but is 3-times as potent (ED50 = 27.35 mg/kg, p.o.) in blocking rhRNATES-induced neutrophil peritoneal recruitment in mice in vivo. Also reported to exhibit significant in vivo prophylactic efficacy against carrageenan-induced tissue swelling in a rat paw edema model (100 mg/kg, p.o)


Reference: Ferrandi, C., et al.  J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther. 2007, 322, 923.





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Caution Not fully tested. For research use only. Not for human use.

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